About us

We are one of few consultancy firms focused on understanding and measuring climate resilient development.

We believe that adapting to the changed environment and building resilience necessitates finding new ways of working.
In ResilienceMonitor we work with policy-makers and practitioners to:


  • Generate research and evidence to support international organizations to deepen their understanding of the concept and application of resilience.
  • Support the development of integrated Monitoring and Evaluation frameworks to understand which interventions are most likely to work in different contexts and to explore options for deliberate innovation and transformation
  • Conduct cutting edge user and learning-focused programme evaluations which focus attention on what works (and what doesn’t)
  • Strengthen the capacity of our partners to develop M&E frameworks and deliver more effective programmes.
  • Promote learning by doing integrated, innovative and evidence-based approaches to programme planning and design.



How we work

We work in partnership with public, private and non-government organisations that aim to contribute to climate resilient development. We provide high quality consultancy services to clients from community to policy-level, worldwide.
In ResilienceMonitor we learn from and with our partners, we make best use of innovative approaches and contribute to and share knowledge globally on how best to tackle disaster and climate risks whilst reducing poverty.