Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning

Our aim is to promote the use of evaluation for evidence-based decision-making.


Robust M&E is crucial for achieving the goal of better development outcomes and more effective policies.

Monitoring and evaluation is central to all of our work. M&E is essential to effective management, organizational learning and change but is surprisingly hard to do well, specially in a changing climate. M&E is also the basis not only of successful planning and budgeting but also for critical reflection, adaptation and transformation of policies and programmes.

Our approach to Monitoring and Evaluation is multidisciplinary, integrating technical processes with the social, economic and institutional context. In order to deepen the understanding of the practical drivers that help increase resilience to adverse natural events, our approach focuses on testing assumptions underpinning policies and programmes and measure the success.

Through our  M&E and Learning approach, we help organizations and institutions to develop theories of change for entire organizations, program areas, and initiatives. Through our work, we help international organizations and governments to:

  1. improve their assessment, design and planning processes
  2. learn and understand how their programmes contribute (or not) to improving the lives of people
  3. support organizational learning and change