Policy Research

Research and innovation is a core part of ResilienceMonitor’s research and evidence work.

Understanding contextual factors is a key characteristic of ResilienceMonitor approach to M&E, for example to identify factors of success or failure of the program theory.

For example, currently we focus on a key assumptions underpinning most programmes aiming to contribute to climate resilient development:

- Does the availability of climate and risk information lead evidence-based decision making processes?  
There is increasing evidence that climate risk management  is not simply a technical challenge; political and economic processes fundamentally shape it. It has become clear that many programs fail to deliver their expected benefits due to a lack of political will which, despite a clear need, is reflected in the low priority and the poor level of resources. The importance of these factors is now widely recognized, but not enough attention has yet been given to the question of how political will arises, and how to strengthen. Our research combines conceptual with empirical studies  in order to better understand:


  • What are interests and incentives facing different groups in society, how they exercise power, and to what extent they influence outcomes;
  • The role formal institutions (e.g. elections) and informal social, political and cultural norms play in shaping human interaction and political and economic decision-making?;
  • To what extent values and ideas, including political ideologies, incentives, religion and culture, on political behaviour and public policy influence programme outcomes?
  • To what extent personal incentives for policy makers to engage in DRM depend on the geographical proximity to a risk? To what extent a decentralize system enables or constraints DRM decision-making

Development of frameworks and Indicators

We also undertake cutting edge research around the development of indicators and M&E approaches for mainstreaming processes with the objective of contributing to climate resilient development.