We provide integrated and practical consultancy services

We provide innovative MEL services, technical assistance and training to strengthen climate investments, programs, organizations and policies
We bring deep practical experience of implementing M&E frameworks from project to portfolio level

Our services include:

Every organisation and programme is different, and requires a unique M&E system.
We tailor our approaches to our partners needs. We work at all levels: project, program and large portfolios.

Our service include:

  • Development of theories of change and key performance indicator frameworks,
  • Design of flexible and adaptive monitoring and learning systems, tools, methodologies and reporting templates
  • Ongoing monitoring support and synthesis of data.
  • Capacity building and facilitation on MEL, knowledge sharing and learning.

We bring clarity to these complex processes.

A key challenge for investments that aim to strengthen resilience and contribute to transformative change is establishing whether they are delivering genuine benefits and progress. We design user-centred and rigorous theory based evaluation strategies to address the questions of what works (and what doesn’t), why, where, when and for whom. We conduct realist evaluation, contribution analysis and process tracing.

Our services include:

  • Evaluation strategy design as a core part of the MEL system
  • On-going technical advisory work.
  • Meta-evaluation and thematic syntheses for large portfolios
  • Learning-focused formative and summative evaluation
  • Complex large-scale, multi-country evaluations before, during and after completion.

Our approaches combine rigorous desk and field research, with qualitative and quantitative methods. We provide forward-looking and practical recommendations to maximize effectiveness of present and future efforts.

Access to ongoing expert advice.

  • We provide access to a dedicated technical consultant to act as an independent ongoing resource.
  • We provide experienced advice and support to enable our partners to achieve practically achieve their objectives.

An effective MEL system needs to operate as a genuine organizational system and it cannot rely on external consultants. It requires systematic, continuous collection, analysis, reflection and use of information at multiple levels. However, this is easier said than done, especially on a global level. With this in mind, we provide ongoing technical advice and strategic guidance – supporting our partners at specific points in time.

Our capacity building activities include the following:

  • Delivery of tailored training courses to organisations responsible for the design of theories of change, results based frameworks
  • Working with individual organisations to enhance their capacity to monitoring and evaluation
  • Working with partners to support the establishment of monitoring systems for tracking the effectiveness of resilience and transformational change.

ResilienceMonitor works to build the M&E capacity. We offer tailored training courses.